The EC-leasing Remote Support Center (RSC) is a modern Service Deck center providing support of our customers’ solutions on conceptual, modelling, approbation and testing phases in close-to-real industrial conditions.

Any upgrades implemented into our customers’ systems go through all phases in ECL RSC according to the ITIL.

EC-leasing RSC has the powerful hardware allows to proceed the whole life cycle for automation systems including researches, design, development, testing and maintenance.

The basis of EC-leasing computer constitutes IBM hardware from the enterprise-scale servers till Intel Architecture mainframes providing solutions both for internal company and for external Customers tasks.

EC-leasing RSC equipped with uninterruptible power systems and conditioning as well as main and alternate communication lines.

The following centers are established on the basis of EC-leasing RSC:

● Remote Support Center of the Collective Data Processing Center of the Bank of Russia including simulation desk for approbation and testing of the solutions, developed for the Bank of Russia in close-to-real industrial conditions;

● IBM Watson – ECL Big Data Competence Center;

● IBM Rational Competence Center;

● Cloud Computing Competence Center.

Welcome EC-leasing Remote Support Center!

EC-leasing Remote Support Center
Phone: +7 (495) 382-69-74
24/7 Shift-engineer phone: +7 (495) 319-58-09

Mikhail Vladislavlev

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