Technological processes automation takes place in all spheres of life, including agriculture. The use of various smart measuring devices in the production cycle makes the Russian agricultural industry more technological and digital.

Data come from a wide range of devices: agricultural unmanned machinery, drones, satellites, weather stations, animal-trackers and all kinds of tracking sensors, as well as from partner Internet sites.
Data collected from different sources into a single system allows to find patterns and obtain high-quality analytics.

The more sensors, measuring and metering devices interconnected to a single analytical network, the more intelligent the information system is, and the data it produces is also more useful.
IT technologies introduction it the agricultural sector creates favorable conditions for agricultural production volume and productivity increase, contributes to the effective agricultural enterprise management. Remotely from anywhere in the world. No waste of time. Without unjustified losses.

The tasks of the domestic farmers’ competitiveness strengthening and country export potential increase through digitalization are now being solved at the government level and are reflected in the Federal program "Digital Economics", approved by the RF Government Order № 1632-r dated 07.28.2017.

As part of its contribution to the Digital Economics development, "EC-leasing" Co. creates intelligent analytical systems using modern scientific processing methods – Data Science deep learning.

One of these solutions is a fully packaged product "EC-PERFECTA" for the financial and business activities analysis and enterprise development prediction.

"EC-leasing" Co. also designs mobile applications based on iOS and Android for dairy farms to monitor dairy herds and farm business activities.

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