EC-leasing, a Russian company was founded on the 7th of June 1994 based on the Research Development Centre for Electronic Computing Equipment. (NICEVT).

Historically the company specializes in the development of the software and computing hardware based on the IBM platform and the creation of supporting programming tools in the IT-sphere for Russian and foreign companies and organizations. Specialists of the company created and patented ISX technology, which allows the launching of applications software based on the IBM (370, 370XA, 390, zArchitecture) architecture together with their surrounding functions as tasks in the newest IBM z/OS operating system. The technology has been tested at IBM technology centers and is recommended as an instrument for migration to z/OS.

EC-leasing has carried out the following large projects:

1993–1996 – Together with IBM Corporation and at the behest of (RZD) Russian National Railways the systems for cargo shipping were migrated using the ISX technology from EC EVM mainframe to 20 mainframe IBM as well as the migration of the old operating system to OS/390.

1998-2001 – Transfer from EC EVM mainframe to 126 mainframe IBM in accordance with decision regarding "problems of the year 2000".

2001-2008 – General Motors Corporation. Support of the financial system.

2002-2004 – Replacement of the City Bank (New York) infrastructure without stopping service.

Since 2002 – The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia):

● Based on the principals of consolidation, ease of access, catastrophe resistance, disaster recovery and informational security we designed Easy-access Collective Data Processing Centers (KTsOI).

● Created standardized projects for computer centers of regional level using the Terminal Access System (STD) System for Consolidation of Servers and Data (SKCD).

● Designed and implemented Automatic Testing Systems (CAT) and Informational Security Systems (SOIB), Archive and Analytical systems.

2007-2009 – Creation of the first wave of digital computer systems for Gazprom. Creation of a digital computer center for SAP tasks.

2011 – Consulting services regarding installation of automated system for functional and stress testing and further development of technological process in the sphere of automated testing for VTB-24 Bank.

2014 – Creation and registration of our own information-analytical platform (IAP) (Registration Number: 2014660757 dated 15.10.2014) – a ready-to-use universal environment for posting analytical business-applications, targeted at solving specific informational-analytical needs of our clients.

2014-2015 – Development and implementation of the Central Information-analytical System for the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

In the field of application development, we continue our long-term collaboration with IBM on the creation of JAVA based applications for digital business and development of complex integrated applications including beta testing IBM software, on the zLinux platform among others.

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