EC-leasing provides services in maintenance of complicated soft- and hardware complexes of a large government and commercial company.

We offer a full range of turnkey services, including:

● Consulting services with regard to soft- and hardware distribution and support;

● Optimal configuration that meets all your requirements including compatibility solutions, competitive advantages comparison, the prospect of infrastructure scaling for the future;

● Local and comprehensive system checkout;

● Customers’ personnel training to work with new hard- and software;

● High-availability IT system.

The rendering services meet all the customers’ requirements (Service Level Agreement, SLA).

There is a 24-hour Service Desk in EC-leasing RSC.

Любые изменения, вносимые в системы наших клиентов, всегда проходят стадии проектирования, моделирования, апробации и тестирования в ЦУП ЗАО "ЕС-лизинг".

Any changes made into our clients’ systems go through design, development, testing and maintenance stages in EC-leasing RSC.

The EC-leasing Remote Support Center is well-equipped modern computer center having the following mainframes:

● IBM z System;
● IBM Power Systems;
● Intel-servers;
● Disk and Tape Hi-end Libraries.

Our specialists have a vast practical experience in support of hardware, system and special software of leading worldwide vendors such as IBM, Oracle, SAP, HP, Lenovo, VMWare, Citrix, EMC, Novell, Huawei.

The EC-leasing Remote Support Center
Phone: +7 (495) 319-58-09

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