EC-leasing Co. provides services in supply of the hardware from the leading worldwide vendors such as: IBM, Oracle, Lenovo, EMC, Novell, Huawei.

Our company supplies licensed software of the foreign and local vendors: IBM, ORACLE, SAP, HP, VMWare, Citrix, RedHat, Splunk, OKB SAPR, Security Code.

We offer the software researched and developed by our specialists:

ISX, computer architecture emulator "S/370 Architecture" – licensed program available on the different computers with LINUX operating system that run "S/370 Architecture" operating systems and legacy applications of such systems in OS LINUX Environment.

Certificate of registration #2014615788 dated 03/06/2014.

TopCM, access manager – licensed software designed to improve information security level of z/OS operating system and its applications.

Certificate of registration #2010610847 dated 27/01/2010.

Data Analytics Platform (IAP) – universal environment for allocation of analytical business applications oriented to solve data analytics tasks of our clients.

Certificate of software state registration #2014660757 dated 15/10/2014.

"EC-Perfecta" – software application for agriculture designed on 1C platform. "EC-Perfecta" designed for analysis and forecasting scenarios of production and economic activity of agricultural enterprises.
Visit on EC-Perfecta website.

System for modifications and software integrity control (SMSIC), designed for initial deployment, update and integrity control of application subsystems software running on customer site.

​Archive System (ArS) – typical complete soft- and hardware solution providing electronic archive maintenance.

ArS consists of soft- and hardware, technological procedures allow to run and leverage management services of electronic data archive.

"Report Manager and Alert Console" software
Report Manager
– application for generation of customer reports in Microsoft Word format using predetermined templates. This program unit allows simplifying reports generation for determined period.

Alert Console – application for automated registration, storage and display of alert notifications.

Certificate of software state registration #2017616991 dated 21.06.2017.

Our company provides:

● Consulting services on any questions regarding software distribution and maintenance;

● Optimal configuration that fully comply with the customer requirements including compatibility solutions, comparison of competitive position, future evolution and scaling.

EC-leasing Business Development Department
Phone: +7 (495) 319-58-09

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