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Cloud Computing Competence Center

Cloud Computing is a distributed processing technology, where computer resources and capacities provided to the user as an Internet service.

EC-CLOUD solution, created in our Competence Center, is a universal platform for cloud services in IAAS/PAAS/SAAS modes for IBM z Systems, IBM Power Systems and Intel-servers.

The Cloud Computing Competence Center performs marketing functions to demonstrate the latest achievements in the cloud computing technology of the world’s leading companies such as IBM, VMWare, Openstack, KVM.

The wide range of our Competence Center services includes:

● Consulting and independent technical audit of cloud solutions and services;

● Total Cost of Ownership analysis in implementation and usage of cloud services from different vendors.

● Leasing of EC-Cloud resources – IBM z System, IBM Power Systems, Intel servers;

● Modelling, development and implementation of cloud solutions based on IBM, VMWare, Openstack, KVM technologies for IBM z Systems, IBM Power Systems and Intel servers;

● Development of Hybrid Cloud allowed to integrate Customer Data Center and EC-Cloud into single protected infrastructure;

● Technical support of our Clients using cloud solutions developed and operated by our specialists;

● Provisioning and hosting of Customer’s applications in SAAS mode on our Cloud Computing Center;

● Granting access to Big Data services developed by our specialists in SAAS mode on our Cloud Computing;

● Customer specialists training to work with IBM, VMWare, Openstack, KVM cloud computing.

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Cloud Computing Competence Center
Phone: +7 (495) 319-58-09

Vitaly R. Chugunov

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