Medicine is one of the spheres of human activity, where Big Data technology is being actively implemented.

According to the McKinsey Institute prediction for the year 2025, the most significant areas of digital technologies application in economics will be Mobile Internet, Automation of knowledge work, Internet of Things and Cloud. The forecast estimate of the total volume of the world market for each of the above mentioned technologies is about 30 trillion dollars. At the same time, the share of the use of these technologies in health care is estimated as 30%.

The Relevance of the above for the Russian Federation is emphasized by adoption of the Federal Law N 242-FZ "On modification of separate legal acts of the Russian Federation concerning application of information technologies in the field of health protection" dated July 29, 2017, which defines the order of medical care rendering with the Telemedicine technologies use.

The "Digital Cardiology" Project was launched at "EC-leasing" Co. in 2014.

The goal of the project is to create a centralized system for the RF population cardiological data processing outside the medical healthcare centers, prevention and treatment institutions (PTF), providing personalized monitoring, analysis and prediction of the patient condition in real time before the first appearance in the PTF, as well as after-hospital patient support.

The software developed within the framework of the project for cardiosignals processing with the use of Big Data technologies allows to observe the dynamics of the patient cardiac status, to study the medicine effects, as well as to design predictive models and identify patient cardiac status trends.

Project Implementation will allow to:

● provide the RF Population overall screening against a variety of socially significant diagnoses outside the PTF, eliminating medical inequality in the territory of the country;

● improve cardiologist human performance, drop healthcare center load, increase ambulatory patent care;

● improve general practitioners’ diagnosing quality, making it close to cardiologists’ diagnosing quality by means of the expert system decision support;

● detect disease symptoms or health problems at early stages.

The "Digital Cardiology" Project Implementation will potentially provide for maximization of the national public health service main indicator – average life expectancy of the RF population.

Besides "ЕС-leasing" Co. has implemented the following healthcare projects:

01. On request of the Moscow Healthcare Department (Moscow Clinical Healthcare Applied Research Center) the following information and analytical systems were developed:

● "PTF Medical Services Prime Cost Estimation and Modeling"
● "PTF Staff Medical Examination"

02. ENDOSCOP.TV Web-Service mobile application, intended for specialized medical materials publication, patient treatment practical case discussion, specialized information exchange, as well as for the Internet independent endoscopists community participants training (

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