In today’s world, the activities of almost every person is integrated into the digital environment, and in order to cope with the huge data flows it is necessary to use Big Data and Machine Learning technologies.

"ЕС-leasing" Co. is making use of various data processing technologies, among others are the Open Source Solutions and IBM Big Data – world market leader systems.

To provide users with a convenient and safe tool for search and analytical work, allowing to interact with both structured and unstructured data, we suggest using the Information and Analytical Platform (IAP) – an "ЕС-leasing" genuine developed product.

The Information and Analytical Platform (IAP) is a ready-to-use universal environment to host analytical business applications, with the focus on client information and analytical task solution.

IAP aggregates input information from various sources; performs analytics and prediction; creates interactive reports for optimal management and customer business decisions.

IAP Advantages and Highlights:

● IAP allows to implement a typical technological process of information and analytical system and to create the process control system;

● IAP allows concentrating analysts’ efforts on business problems solving rather than on the infrastructure construction – as all infrastructural issues are settled by IAP means;

● IAP infrastructure components imply horizontal and vertical scalability, as well as possibility to expand the composition of business problems to be solved by the system;

● IAP architecture allows to vary the IAP subsystem implementation tools at the customer request from IBM corporate solutions (IBM Cognos BI, IBM Infosphere, IBM BDW model) to Open-source solutions;

● IAP can be provided both in the EC-Cloud environment or Amazon EC2 environment, which resolves the need for customer own technical facilities.

IAP includes:

● Data Collection and Delivery Subsystem (DCDS);

● Data Integration Subsytem – Extract, Transform & Load (ETL);

● Metadata Maintenance Subsystem;

● Data Storage Subsystem – Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW) designed based on the IBM storage principles, including an IBM industrial model IBM Banking dataware house, insurance;

● Analytical Subsystem Business Intelligence (BI);

● User Communication Subsystem;

● Cloud Access Subsystem;

● Administration subsystem, intended to coordinate all the technological processes and to administer IAP.

Completed Projects:

● CIAS MINSELKHOZ RF (Central Information Analytical System of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF);

● AS AS BESP (Analytical Subsystem of Automated System – Banking Electronic Speed Payment System).

Projects with our participation:

● the Bank of Russia Corporate Data Storage.

Certificate of Registration:

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