IBM Watson – ECL BigData Competence Center

The first in Russia IBM Watson – ECL Big Data Competence Center was established by EC-leasing on its premises in cooperation with IBM corporation.

The opening of such competence center was a major step on the way to provision of modern technology advantages to the customers who already have tasks that require solutions based only on processing of big volume data stream: structured, unstructured and partially structured.

IBM Watson – ECL Big Data Competence Center provides a wide range of IBM and EC-leasing services such as development, implementation, maintenance, support and Customer specialists training to work with IBM Big Data software.

Nowadays such solutions are particularly actual in financial, telecommunication, medicine, retail and other sectors of economy. We create full functioning integrated platforms based on IBM Big Data software and complete these platforms with own tools and unparalleled developments for analytic activities and output of results. A lot of different solutions are working out in the IBM Watson – ECL Big Data Competence Center that helps to proceed practical personnel training for further implementation of new technologies and products.

The Competence center performs marketing functions to demonstrate the latest achievements in the evolution of Big Data processing systems. The purpose of the Competence Center is to implement “Proof on Concept” approach in IBM Big Data products promotion. Even today the Big Data can clear up the recipe of new benefits for those who has required skills and tools.

The IBM Watson – ECL Big Data Competence Center provides solutions for three kind of tasks:

● Storage and processing of data that volume does not allow to be easily managed by ordinary relational database;

● Processing of unstructured information. The majority of Big Data is unstructured, i.e. text in natural language, images, video files;

● Big Data analysis for reporting, development and implementation of predictive model.

The Competence Center is equipped with all IBM platforms including IBM Pure Data, has high skilled specialists and real cases – all above mentioned allow demonstrating the whole loop of Big Data collection, storage, processing and usage based on IBM Big Data technology.

The Competence Center has a demonstration stand that makes possible to take actions with all IBM Big Data software as well as demonstration of EC-leasing patterns.

Welcome to the IBM Watson – ECL Big Data Competence Center!

Leave a request for consultation or demonstration and our specialists will be in touch shortly.

IBM Watson – ECL Big Data Competence Center
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